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WWE Backlash 2023 results: Cody Rhodes barely pins a bloody Brock Lesnar

Cody Rhodes looked to keep his story alive in the main event of WWE Backlash on May 6 in Puerto Rico. But a Beast named Brock Lesnar was in his way, and didn’t particularly give a crap about Cody’s story.

After the San Juan crowd gave one more great reception to the main eventers, Lesnar stalked Rhodes from the outside. The American Nightmare had a plan, though. He drove Brock into the announce table with a dive, then went after him with steel steps and chairs... all before the bell even rang!

In the ring, the referee got the chair out of Cody’s hands and called for the match to start. Rhodes pressed his advantage, but soon springboard-ed right into Suplex City. Or as Corey Graves called it, “Ciudad de Suplex”.

Even with his back showing damage from Rhodes’ pre-match assault, Lesnar threw Cody all around the ring. In trying to fight one of those off, the Grandson of a Plumber grabbed the cover off the top turnbuckle. A drop toe hold from Rhodes sent Brock into that, and busted him open.

Covered in Brock’s blood, Rhodes nailed Disaster Kicks, Cody Cutters, and a pair of Cross Rhodes... but the Beast still kicked out! The decorated combat sports veteran fought back from there, nailing a F5... but Cody kicked out!

Lesnar followed with a kimura, but Rhodes refused to tap long enough to get Brock’s shoulders on the mat. One, two, three and the story continues.

A big win for Cody, who’s proved in more ways than one he could suffer the loss at WrestleMania and keep moving forward. Brock is Brock, and will still be a threat after this smartly booked loss.

But that’s just my take. Give us yours below. And get complete Backlash results and coverage of every match on the card right here.

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