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WWE Backlash 2023 results: Bad Bunny triumphs in a celebration of Puerto Rican wrestling

It was one half of Backlash’s DOUBLE MAIN EVENT, and featured the host of the premium live event who just so happens to be the biggest musical star in the world. Despite that, Bad Bunny and Damian Priest’s San Juan Street Fight went on third from last on May 6 in Puerto Rico.

While the move may have had some scratching their heads, when Bunny’s “Chambea” hit the speakers the packed house at Coliseo de Puerto Rico José Miguel Agrelot didn’t care.

They were chanting “Benito” as he loaded up a shopping cart with weapons and plunder — one of which was a kendo stick gifted to Bunny by WWE and Puerto Rican legend Savio Vega earlier in the night.

Priest wasn’t any more impressed than his Judgment Day teammate Rhea Ripley was beating the LWO’s Zelina Vega in the match that preceded this one. He broke Vega’s gift over his knee during a dominant opening stretch of the Street Fight. Priest might have been able to end it during that run, too. But after hitting South of Heaven, he pulled Bunny up before the official could count three.

That hubris cost him, of course. A chair throw shifted momentum, and before long we were once again reminded that bunnies can fly. Or at least this Bad one can.

Trash can lid shots followed that super splash, and the crowd was electric as Bunny hit a modified Falcon Arrow. But Priest kicked out!

Bunny rode the wave of emotion too far, though. Priest feigned walking out, but when Bunny chased him with a trash can, the former United States champion kicked it into his face. That set-up a stretch of punishment from fka Punishment Martinez, a beating that took them into the crowd and onto the top of an equipment trunk from which Priest hit a Broken Arrow that sent the local hero through a pair of tables!

WWE officials tried to wave Priest off as they checked on Bunny, but he ignored Adam Pearce & company. He wasn’t done, and carried his former WrestleMania tag partner back to the ring area. Bunny must have recovered in that time, as he evaded a kick and sent Priest’s ankle crashing into the ring post.

That was the opening Bunny needed, and he didn’t hesitate to exploit it. But after targeting the leg with weapons, he did hesitate when Priest tried to apologize. He learned his lesson quickly though, and put things back in his favor with a low blow.

Judgement Day wasn’t going to stay in the back all night, though. Finn Bálor & Dominik Mysterio came in for the beatdown, which brought out Rey Mysterio. The numbers were still in the heels favor, though. Good thing there was another PR legend on hand to help out.

Carlito helped Rey & Bunny clear out Dom & Finn, but they weren’t getting off that easy. Vega appeared to block their exit, and Santos Escobar & the rest of the new LWO came out behind him to back him up. Savio didn’t really need it though. He had plenty of TNT for Bálor & the younger Mysterio.

There was still a match going on though, and Bunny slapped a Figure Four on his wounded opponent. Priest somehow survived that, but a one-legged chokeslam attempt was ill-considered. He got out of a roll-up counter, but charged into a steel chair draped in the corner. Bunny hit Sliced Bread #2, but Priest still kicked out!

No one kicks out of the Bunny Destroyer though.

This was even more fun than we thought it would be, and an awesome celebration of Puerto Rico’s rich wrestling legacy.

Hopefully the last two matches can keep up.

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