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WWE Backlash 2023 results: Seth Rollins survives the giant Omos

WWE’s newest giant Omos went toe-to-toe with one of their hottest Superstars (and a front-runner for the new World Heavyweight championship) Seth Rollins in the second match of May 6’s Backlash premium live event in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Rollins wanted to soak in the crowd’s rendition of his entrance theme, but Omos saw that as an opening. A clubbing blow from behind put the big Nigerian in control before the referee had even called for the bell.

The Visionary was still looking to “make Omos famous”, but MVP’s client had an answer for every comeback — including catching a suicide dive to chokeslam Seth onto the apron. Persistence, and speed, eventually paid off. But even when Rollins hit something like his frog splash, he could only get a one count before being thrown into the air by the kickout.

Even when the smaller veteran was able to set Omos up for his Stomp, the seven footer was too strong and no sold the move.

At least once. After holding onto a Sleeper for a bit, he was able to hit two Stomps (in between superkicking MVP off the apron)... but Omos kicked out! But Seth had an answer for that problem, too. With the groggy big man getting to his feet, he climbed to the top and delivered a SUPER STOMP!

This was a good showing by Omos, who understood his role and played it very well — especially selling the set-up for the finish. We’ll see what’s next for him.

As for Rollins? No reason to tamp down those WHC dreams.

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