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LA Knight blew the roof off Coliséo de Puerto Rico before SmackDown even started

Kevin Nomar’s Twitter

The best thing about WWE and AEW doing more big international shows is how it gives some great pro wrestling fans a chance to be there, live and in person, for events like Clash at the Castle, Forbidden Door, Money in the Bank, and All In.

And for us spoiled American fans for whom those shows have also been, at worst, a domestic plane ride away? We still get something out of it, because we get red hot crowds like the one in San Juan that helped make last night’s SmackDown so much fun — and should make Backlash even better tonight (May 6).

As awesome as all those pops from the televised portion of last night’s show at Coliseo de Puerto Rico José Miguel Agrelot were, that video is missing a big one. That’s because it happened before SmackDown even started. And since it was a pre-show dark match, people were still filtering to their seats. But there’s a guy on the WWE roster who’s so hot right now, he can get a Cody Rhodes or Bad Bunny level reaction even when the place isn’t packed.

You know who I’m talking about...

... YEAH.

I don’t know about ALL the titles, but we’re overdue on getting LA Knight his first one in WWE.

And if Triple H and/or Vince McMahon aren’t convinced of that? Let reactions like the one he got from Puerto Rico for a dark match talk to ‘em.

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