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Sounds like Drew McIntyre is ready to walk away from WWE when his contract ends

Is that just a negotiating tactic though? Or does the former WWE champ really think a deal won’t get done?

WWE’s YouTube

Drew McIntyre is currently said to be sidelined with an undisclosed health issue, but reports are that he’s also approaching the end of his WWE contract. Those reports have also indicated that McIntyre and management are far apart on terms, and the two-time WWE champion has fueled speculative fires about his future by blacking out his social media accounts.

Into that cauldron of partial information and gossip, we throw this from the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter. While analyzing the new post-Draft rosters, Dave Meltzer wrote this about the big Scot’s future storylines now that he’s been moved to the Raw brand:

McIntyre right now is working with the idea there’s a good chance he’s finishing up, he could do a big program for the title as a challenger and finally leave. Perhaps at that point Randy Orton could return, and there’s always people like Brock Lesnar and Omos that they could add in that spot as a temporary headline program.

“Working with the idea there’s a good chance [you’re] finishing up” is a logical way to approach a job if you think you’re leaving it. But it’s also negotiating 101. The other side doesn’t have any reason to change their position if they think you’ll stay regardless. And since elsewhere in this week’s Newsletter, Meltzer wrote...

McIntyre will be out of action for a few more weeks. Nothing has changed regarding his contract situation.

... getting the word out that Drew thinks there’s “a good chance” he’s done is a solid tactic to get WWE to bring a different offer to the table.

Plus, reports are McIntyre’s contract isn’t up until the end of the year. So it’s probably best to not get too worked up about the state of negotiations at this point. But since getting too worked up is kind of our thing here on the wrestle web (along with things like debating the quality of sources), there’s a comment section down below.

Have at it.

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