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Alexa Bliss explains her pre-pregnancy time off, and talks her WWE future

Just a day after she & husband Ryan Cabrera announced they’re expecting their first child, Alexa Bliss has a new interview out with The Messenger.

In it, Bliss reveals a little bit of the story behind her time off from WWE prior to her pregnancy. It seems that even though she wasn’t on The Masked Singer for long, since they didn’t have imminent plans for the five-time Women’s champion anyway, the company gave her a lot of time to get ready for it:

“WWE gave me time off for [Masked Singer] to kind of fully dive into that experience with rehearsals, vocal lessons, and all that stuff. Storyline-wise, I was not on TV anyway, so it really kind of worked out perfectly.”

The 31 year old says she was preparing for a return to the ring when her body told her something was up:

“I was preparing for my return in the ring and I was just having really bad cramping. I thought that was weird. So then I just decided to take a test and then I think I said, ‘Oh shit.’”

Becoming a mom doesn’t mean the end of Bliss’ wrestling career. She says WWE extended her contract, and she plans to start training for her comeback shortly after giving birth:

“[WWE] extended my contract, and so it’s just basically come back when I’m ready. Probably a month after the baby, I’ll start probably getting back into the gym, and getting ready for to see what my in-ring return looks like.”

Get ready for Alexa Bliss 2024 comeback, and read more about her pregnancy story at The Messenger. here.

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