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Undertaker still gets the itch when at WWE shows, names two current stars he’d like to face

Undertaker retired in 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic. And even though that meant his last match was a cinematic one & his farewell ceremony took place in an empty arena, he’s (thus far) managed to resist the allure of one more match in front of a packed house.

He’s still in the WWE family, of course. Since his Hall of Fame induction last year, Taker’s brought his 1DeadMAN SHOW’s to cities where the company is putting on major events — like July’s Money in the Bank in London. It was in support of his UK appearances that Mark Calaway (the Phenom’s real name) spoke to The Independent.

Asked about how he’s settling in to life away from the squared circle, Taker said:

“I’ve got to the point now where if I’m home, I’m fine. It’s when I do show up at a WWE event I get that ‘I should be getting ready’ feeling”

“At WrestleMania 39, I was there and I had my family and friends up in a suite watching the show and I kind of found myself rocking in my chair like, ‘oh, my gosh, I should be down there’. So in those instances, it’s there. It’s still in my heart and it’s in my brain.”

Though he seems committed to remain on the sidelines, telling The Independent the performers & the business have “evolved” since his day, there are two current WWE Superstars that make the Dead Man think about what might have been:

“I would love to be healthy enough to have a match now with Roman Reigns.

“When we worked at [WrestleMania 33], I was on my last legs. And he wasn’t he wasn’t nearly the performer that he is now.

“And then another guy that I would love to have worked with would be Seth Rollins. He’s just an incredible in-ring talent. And now he’s got this really flamboyant character, which would have been a really interesting contrast between the doom and gloom of The Undertaker and his over-the-top character.”

Any interest in those matches, should Calaway decide to scratch that itch he got at ‘Mania?

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