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Logan Paul’s done something that will help him have ‘an amazing next couple years in the WWE’

The YouTube star says he’s actually started watching Raw, SmackDown, and events like Night of Champions!

Other than signing a new contract and having fun with the bad Photoshop he used to confirm that news, Logan Paul hasn’t done anything with WWE since his loss to Seth Rollins on night one of WrestleMania 39.

But the 28 year old “Media Megastar” is fired up to get back in the squared circle and do some sports entertaining. We know that because he said it on the latest edition of Impaulsive, where he also revealed that he’s actually started watching the product. It’s that change that he believes will help him up his game in WWE:

“I am so hungry to get back in there, dude, I’m so hungry to get back in there and I just got cable. I just got cable down here in Puerto Rico. So, I’ve been watching Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown, and the big events, Night of Champions just happened, as a fan.

“For the first time, I’m watching the consumer angle, I didn’t always do that. As a YouTuber I got to go and be a YouTuber because I knew what people were looking for and what they wanted and what made a good video and kept the audience, retained. Now as a WWE fan, I can see how the performance translates from what it feels like from my perspective to on TV and I think this angle in these last three months I’ve had off in this sport will lead to an amazing next couple years in the WWE.

“I’m really excited to get back.”

Snark aside, even Paul’s loudest critics and doubters agree he’s been very impressive in his first five matches for WWE. If he did that without watching much Raw or SmackDown, and looking at the product from a fan perspective does unlock another level in his performances? We’re not gonna complain about that.

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