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Mustafa Ali just showed up in NXT

During this week’s episode of NXT TV, Wes Lee and Tyler Bate, apparently still friends after all, got together for a tag team match to take on The Dyad. During the course of the match, they came to a standstill, with all four wrestlers in the ring standing on opposite ends, staring each other down.

Then, suddenly, a commotion in the crowd.

It was ... Mustafa Ali?!?

The last time we saw Ali, he was losing an Intercontinental championship match against GUNTHER at Night of Champions this past Saturday in Saudi Arabia. So what was he doing here?

He joined the commentary team to remind everyone he is a free agent, which means he can show up on Monday Night Raw, Friday Night SmackDown, or even right here in NXT. He also said he got so close to winning the Intercontinental title that he’s now obsessed with winning some gold.

When Joe Gacy launched a surprise attack on Bate and Lee, Ali put the boots to him and saved the babyface duo. But considering his comments and the match he showed up for, could we be looking at a future Ali vs. Lee match for the North American championship?

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