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NXT mystery attacker revealed: It’s Blair Davenport

For months now, a mysterious woman has been attacking members of the NXT women’s division, from Wendy Choo to Nikita Lyons to Sol Ruca. The trend continued last week when she took out Roxanne Perez following her loss in the Women’s Championship Tournament.

Fan speculation ranged from Mandy Rose making a return (which seemed unlikely) to this being a proper story for former NXT UK star Blair Davenport, who hasn’t been seen on television for roughly the same amount of time the mystery attacker has been running wild.

All was revealed, as promised by the attacker at Battleground this past weekend, on this week’s episode of NXT TV.

Sure enough, it was Davenport.

Dani Palmer demanded to know who the attacker was, considering she put Ruca, her friend, on the shelf for an entire year. A video package played that teased the reveal but it was just a distraction for an attack from behind. After, Davenport took the hood down.

“Did you miss me?”

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