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WWE’s keeping Roman Reigns (relatively) busy in June & July

Some think it makes his appearances feel bigger. Others believe his absences are hurting the product. Either way, over the year or so his new schedule’s been in effect, WWE fans have gotten used to the fact Roman Reigns isn’t usually on television every week. Or even on each of the company’s roughly monthly premium live events.

But that’s changing a bit for the next couple months. WWE’s announced, and our Tribal Chief has confirmed, that in addition to June & July’s PLEs, Reigns will work all but two SmackDown for the next two months. And he’s making up for each of those missed Fridays with a house show appearance.

We already knew about Money in the Bank & the associated SmackDown in London, and SummerSlam. Same for the Mexico City date. The somewhat surprising one is the June 17 house show in Cincinnati. Does it have anything to do with another company’s big show that night? The only way they can compete with CM Punk’s likely return at the AEW Collision premiere is in online attention, which probably isn’t enough to justify booking the Big Dog. But who can say in a wrestling war?

What we can say is that fans will have plenty of chances to acknowledge the Undisputed WWE Universal champion in the coming weeks.

Believe that?

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