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Alexa Bliss is having a baby!

Alexa Bliss’ Instagram

For much of this year, fans have been wondering why Alexa Bliss wasn’t on WWE television. Was it her skin cancer diagnosis & treatment? Her brief stint on The Masked Singer? A side effect of whatever is going on with Bray Wyatt?

We may never know what combination or those factors explain the company not using one of their Women’s Triple Crown champions and most consistent movers of merch over the past several months. But we do know why she won’t be wrestling for at least the rest of this year. And that reason, as their friend The Miz would say, is AWESOME... Bliss (real name Lexi Cabrera) announced this morning that she and husband Ryan are expecting their first child!

While we send the Cabreras our heartfelt congratulations, we’re still wrestling fans. So we will confess that we’re wondering if the unexpected nature of this happy news will impact any rumored/speculated upon plans to bring her back to WWE programming, possibly as part of the dormant Wyatt storyline.

But mostly, yay Lexi and Ryan! They’ve been doing plenty of celebrating — the couple told E! News they hosted reveal parties in Los Angeles and Orlando for friends & family, and made a Friends-themed music video featuring the news for the rest of us.

“The One Where Lexi & Ryan Become Parents” should be a classic.

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