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Seth Rollins & Rhea Ripley’s Shawn Michaels & Melina spot almost made Dominik Mysterio break

At various times since Raw ended last night (May 29), “Shawn Michaels” and “Melina” have been trending on social media. That’s because in the main event, while he & AJ Styles were taking on The Judgement Day’s Damian Priest & Finn Bálor, Seth Rollins & Rhea Ripley did this...

Which a whole lot of people quickly recognized as a callback or homage to this moment between Michaels & Melina at Survivor Series 2006:

It’s actual a bit that Shawn’s used a few times throughout his Hall of Fame career. He also had Pretty Deadly use (or at least approved their use of) a version of it in NXT last year:

WWE’s YouTube

All of which is fun and cool. But Rollins & Ripley really make it their own, with Seth bringing the manic energy of his current character, Rhea being pissed rather than just shocked, and — best of all — the new World Heavyweight champ selling for the SmackDown Women’s titleholder by apologizing and scurrying back into the ring when the Nightmare told him too.

My personal favorite bit comes at the very end of this extended version of the scene. After the Visionary is back in the squared circle dealing with Damian Priest, Dominik Mysterio asks Mami “Can he do that?” It’s a line he just gets out before he has to scrunch up his face a couple of times around a smile as he fights off laughter.

Good stuff all around. And good to know Sami Zayn isn’t the only one making people corse on WWE television.

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