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We could be getting a reunion on Raw (Possible SPOILER)

Johnny Gargano’s been telling his The Way family, and the WWE Raw audience, that “he’s coming back” for weeks.

Fans and the rumor mill agree that Papa John is talking about his former tag partner-turned mortal enemy-turned tag partner Tomasso Ciampa. We haven’t seen Ciampa since last summer, and learned in October of 2022 that he’d undergone hip surgery. Reports were the two-time NXT champion would be back this year, and that he & Gargano might be in line for a push when he did — along with The Way.

Why do we bring this up again today (May 29)? For starters, Gargano made sure to remind us about the breadcrumb he dropped earlier this month...

And he probably did that because PW Insider Elite is reporting Ciampa’s in Albany, New York ahead of Raw there this evening. The site says the Sicilian Psychopath “is expected to be returning shortly, possibly as soon as tonight.”

We’ll find out in a few hours if Ciampa’s return does happen tonight. You can let us know what you think about that, and a possible #DIY push, in the comments below right now.

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