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Brock Lesnar defeats Cody Rhodes at Night of Champions

Cody Rhodes managed to score a clean pinfall win over Brock Lesnar at Backlash. That’s a pretty rare feat since The Beast returned to WWE all the way back in 2012. Then they booked the two for a rematch at Night of Champions today (Sat., May 27, 2023) at the Jeddah Super Dome in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Defeating Lesnar in consecutive matches is something that almost never happens. Only Roman Reigns has done it.

To cap it all off, Lesnar injured Rhodes’ arm in the lead up to the match. What chance would he possibly have against all that?

And then the match came and while Brock got out ahead early, Rhodes quickly realized he could use the cast on his arm — made from TITANIUM, they told us — as a weapon all its own. He did so to great effect too, using it to hit multiple Cross Rhodes and seemingly set himself up to win.

But, of course, it’s Lesnar. He quickly turned the match around and slapped a kimura onto the broken arm. Lesnar took him to the limit but Rhodes managed to get to the ropes to cause a break. Then he countered an F-5 attempt with another Cross Rhodes. Even still, it only got a two count.

The next time Lesnar went for an F-5, it connected.

And then Cody kicked out.

But Brock got him in the kimura again, and finally Rhodes went out. They made sure to say he never tapped out, but he lost the match by passing out.

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