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Zelina Vega explains why she gave Sasha Banks the stiffest receipt possible

WWE Royal Rumble 2022

Pro wrestling is a very strange business, even looking beyond the surface level absurdity of multiple grown-ups rolling around in a ring with each other in their underwear.

In any given match, the wrestlers involved are trusting each other to protect their bodies during a simulated fight. However, sometimes stiff punches or strikes get through, especially when one of the wrestlers is Shane McMahon. When this happens, it’s generally understood that a receipt is on the way.

During an interview on the Wrestling with Freddie podcast, LWO member Zelina Vega described the time she gave Sasha Banks one such receipt at Royal Rumble 2022:

“There was a point back when Sasha had just came out to save Bianca [Belair] from Carmella and I. And she had hit me with the meteora. And dude, I felt like my orbital bone broke. I was like, oh my god. And of course, she was super apologetic. But then I was like, just know, girl you got a receipt [coming], I swear to god. Yeah, I was so mad. She’s like, okay, cool, whatever, right?

Royal Rumble happens, and I knew I was gonna eliminate her. And I was like, this is my moment. This is it. So, I think I kicked the soul out of her. I kicked her so hard. She flew back and she landed on the floor. And I see her just shaking her head like this, and I knew she knew that that was what I was waiting for.

Of course, we were fine afterwards and it was funny, but I remember Rhea [Ripley] going, ‘Oh, she was waiting for that one. Yep, that’s the one.’ And I think I stuck my head out out just to be a douche. I think I said, ‘What’s a boss to a queen?’”

I went back to review the footage, and Zelina kicked Sasha in the stomach to eliminate her, before talking trash while Sasha sat dejected on the floor.

Don’t you wish your job allowed you to intentionally kick a co-worker in the gut too once in a while?

Let us know what you make of pro wrestling receipts in the comments below, Cagesiders.

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