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AJ Styles admits that WWE’s new World Heavyweight Championship is a secondary title

Last month, WWE announced the creation of a new World Heavyweight Championship.

Triple H didn’t really beat around the bush when explaining why this new belt exists; the title was created because part-timer Roman Reigns has simultaneously held the top championships on both Raw (the WWE Championship) and SmackDown (the Universal championship) for over one year. At WrestleMania 39, Cody Rhodes joined the long list of WWE stars who aren’t good enough to beat Reigns. Given that Roman works limited dates and everyone loses against him, it became clear that a new belt was needed.

Reigns was drafted to Friday night SmackDown, which means the new World Heavyweight Championship is the top prize on Monday nights going forward. Raw star Seth Rollins will wrestle against SmackDown star AJ Styles at this weekend’s (Sat., May 27) Night of Champions pay-per-view in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The winner of the match takes home the new belt as its first titleholder.

A lot of fans have criticized WWE’s decision to create the new title, describing it as a consolation prize, or a clear secondary title to Roman’s belts. In an interview with the New York Post, Styles actually agreed with that sentiment, while also saying there is a path towards removing the secondary label:

“Is it a secondary? Well if the Raw championship is held by Roman, the SmackDown championship is held by Roman, then how can you argue that it’s not? We had to make a new championship because Roman holds them all.

What happens if he decides to wrestle for the World Heavyweight championship? It is what it is and we got what we got. If we make the best of it, and if and when Roman does challenge [for it], we beat the brakes off of him, whomever it might be, then we’ll see what title’s secondary.”

So either the World Heavyweight Champion eventually beats Roman Reigns in order to prove it’s not a secondary belt, or Roman Reigns will win this belt too whenever he challenges for it.

Which outcome do you think is more likely, Cagesiders?

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