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Natalya adds some depth to her match against Rhea Ripley

The Judgment Day have many irons in the fireplace that is WWE, as they bounce around engaging in various issues with wrestlers all up and down the card. It’s somewhat understandable, then, that Natalya, who will challenge Rhea Ripley for the SmackDown women’s championship at Night of Champions this weekend, was more or less forgotten on Monday Night Raw this week.

It’s a shame, though, because she actually has a pretty damn good angle for this story. I know that because she took to social media to do her damndest to make this upcoming match as interesting as possible:

“I am backstage at Raw, trying to find a quiet spot. Locker rooms are never quiet. But here I am. I just want to get something off my chest that I haven’t been able to stop thinking about just from the moment that I first got drafted to Raw until now. I was so excited, I was excited for a fresh start, and when I went out to save Dana (Brooke), maybe Rhea (Ripley) was right — maybe I was trying to save myself.

“I read… you know, it’s hard to not see comments online, waves and waves of comments that I’ve read on Twitter and people’s podcasts have talked about it and just saying ‘Nattie is not on Rhea’s level and she doesn’t have Rhea’s momentum.’ But I started thinking about it and I was like ‘maybe, they’re right. Right now, I’m not on Rhea’s level. I don’t have her momentum.’

“The truth is, I’ve never been a favorite. I’ve never been a favorite. It’s something I’ve struggled with and I’ve fought against, and I haven’t lasted this long in WWE by not fighting tooth and nail for every single thing I have because I know that I’ve never been a favorite. Rhea can mock me, she can beat me up, and she might even beat me but at Night of Champions I can assure you she is going to respect me.

“She’s gonna respect me.”

That’s pretty damn good! It definitely should have been on Raw.

I know I’m a lot more interested in the match.

Aren’t you?

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