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Goldberg hits his head on stuff and busts himself open at home, too

Back in 2017, shortly after he returned to WWE, Goldberg came out for a promo during the final segment of the Royal Rumble go home edition of Raw. He was bleeding from the forehead, and struggled to get through his opening lines before settling in and hitting the points he was supposed to.

The announcers speculated the WCW legend had busted himself open with his pre-appearance ritual of head-butting a locker door. Sure enough, Goldberg later confirmed that and said he was retiring that ritual after it made him “a bit loopy” on the night in question.

Fast forward a couple years, and Goldberg took part in widely panned match with The Undertaker in Saudi Arabia at Super ShowDown 2019. He quickly told the world he was concussed in the match, and later explained to Pat McAfee that he brought back the headbutt ritual before the match and had “no idea what’s going on” by the time he got to the ring.

In the match, he got sent first into a turnbuckle, which he said were different than the ones WWE usually uses on Raw or SmackDown. That... well, we’ll just let Bill tell it: “Let’s just say I got another concussion right there and opened myself up pretty good.”

All of which we offer as background to this, which the Hall of Famer’s posted on Instagram today (May 23):

TMZ Sports saw that and jumped into action, getting a representative for the 56 year old legend on the horn. They said, “Goldberg was getting work done on his property, when he accidentally knocked his noggin on his tractor”, adding “he said he’s simply super gluing the thing shut!!!”

Which admittedly does sound pretty badass. But if we might humbly offer a suggestion, maybe consider just not bashing your head on shit?

Jokes aside, Goldberg says it’s nothing serious, even quoting Monty Python to tell TMZ it’s “just a flesh wound.” We’re glad he’s okay, and will go back to waiting on word of that retirement match.

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