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Dustin Rhodes really hates it when Brock Lesnar kicks his brother’s ass

Cody Rhodes had a rough night on the May 22 Raw, and the reason was once again Brock Lesnar.

Unlike the post-WrestleMania episode when Cody was looking to bounce back from his disappointing loss to Roman Reigns the night before, the American Nightmare knows quite well by this point that Brock’s not on his side. If Rhodes somehow forgot what happened on April 3, he surely remembers being put through the announce desk by the Beast after he bloodied and beat Lesnar in Puerto Rico at Backlash.

None of the helps when a heavyweight engine of destruction shows up to “break” your arm, of course.

Someone who hasn’t forgotten about any of Lesnar’s attacks is Cody’s older brother Dustin. The AEW wrestler & coach may have bought in to Paul Heyman’s line of thinking about the booking of ‘Mania’s main event, but he’s still not digging Cody’s current angle. Something he made very clear on Twitter after Brock put his rival’s already “broken” arm in a Kimura.

Tell us how you really feel, Dustin!

Dusty’s oldest son is a pro who seems committed to AEW, so this is almost certainly just some online fun. It’s fun to imagine Dustin throwing stuff at his television and cursing Triple H’s name whenever Brock kicks Cody’s ass, though.

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