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Dominik Mysterio is ready to hold some gold in WWE

During a recent interview with G-Moiny, Dominik Mysterio was asked about some goals he has for his future in WWE, and he brought up the natural next step in his career: winning a title.

“Man, I would love to hold some titles, whether it’s singles gold or tag team gold. I know Finn and Damien just recently beat the Undisputed Tag Team Champions in Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens, so there’s definitely a shot there. And even GUNTHER, man, I don’t know if I’d take him one-on-one but if we can get a triple threat match going, somewhere I can sneak in uh… or I can sneak in a victory maybe, I don’t know. Who knows what the future has in store for ex-con Dom. We’ll see.”

As it stands right now, Rhea Ripley is the only one of the four Judgment Day members to hold a title, as she is the current SmackDown women’s champion. But all of them are good enough and/or have show enough recently, especially Dominik, that WWE should put some serious consideration into putting a title on them.

Dom can’t even speak in most towns without getting drowned out by boos. Why not capitalize on that now and make him a champion?

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