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A WWE house show we’re pretty sure Roman Reigns will be working

Roman Reigns being booked for a non-televised live event (aka house show) is always going to make the news. That’s because he only works a limited number of dates each year, which combined with his historic reign as Undisputed WWE Universal champion, makes each appearance a big deal.

That’s why folks took notice when he was unexpectedly advertised for a house show this weekend in North Carolina. Turns out that was an error by the WWE marketing department, which generated even more headlines when it moved a bunch of tickets before being corrected.

We reiterate all that to explain the headline on this post about another house show where the Tribal Chief is front and center on the promotional materials — July 22 in Mexico City.

Roman has wrestled on three non-televised cards since last year’s SummerSlam, and all three were in Canada. International house shows seem to be a priority when it comes to allocating Reigns’ dates, and the main reason we say he’s almost certainly not accidentally being advertised for Arena Ciudad de México.

So order those tickets with confidence, Mexican sports entertainment fans. We’re pretty sure the champ will be there when WWE comes to your capital and biggest city this summer.

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