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LA Knight didn’t lose

There was some concern amongst LA Knight supporters that WWE could be thinking of throwing him into a tag team with Rick BOOGS when the two were scheduled to take on The Street Profits on Friday Night SmackDown this week. Thankfully, that concern proved to be unfounded when the partnership lasted all of one match.

BOOGS took the pinfall loss, and Knight responded by hitting him with the BTF before walking off.

Then he cut this promo for WWE digital:

“Did I lose? Did you see me lose? Did you see my shoulders get pinned to the mat? Did you see me tap out? Did you see me get counted out? Did you see me get disqualified? Nah nah! You didn’t see none of that. What you saw was another man get beat. What you saw was me sitting outside trying to get back in but being held by the illegal guy. That’s what you saw. What you saw, what everybody saw, what everybody out there saw, what everybody in here saw, was a loser in Rick BOOGS. What everybody saw was a man who didn’t get the opportunity to do what I still need to do to the Street Profits. Oh but it will come, the time will come. Boys, you’ve got to understand something: if I’m telling you you’re going to pay the piper — TOOT TOOT — you’re gonna pay the piper. He is I and I am him, with everybody saying L! A! Knight! YEAH!”

What more needs to be said?

Anyway, here are all the videos from SmackDown this week:

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