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WWE’s got a little something planned for AJ Styles (Possible SPOILER)

WWE on Fox’s Twitter

Last Friday, AJ Styles won two matches to earn the right to face Seth Rollins at Night of Champions in the finals of the tournament for WWE’s new World Heavyweight title. They may not be waiting until they get back from Saudi Arabia to set-up some other business for the Phenomenal One, however.

After Better Wrestling Experience (who asked to be credited as such instead of BoozerRasslin) tweeted “ticktock AJ” yesterday, Fightful Select has an item about Styles in their report on the double taping of SmackDown WWE is doing tonight (May 19) in Columbia, South Carolina:

There was an AJ Styles tarot card planned for the tapings tonight, indicating a match with Karrion Kross could be on the horizon.

Kross has started recent rivalries with Rey Mysterio and Shinsuke Nakamura with custom tarot cards.

Some are running with this as a feud, and possibly AJ’s first feud after whatever happens in Jeddah next Saturday. But given that those last two Kross rivalries that WWE kicked off with some mystic arts were short-lived — and that he won one of them thanks to interference from the person Mysterio was actually feuding with, and lost to Nakamura clean as a sheet — this could very well be too. My guess would be the set-up happens on television tonight, then AJ beats the former NXT champ on next week’s pre-taped episode to send the Phenomenal One into NoC looking strong.

If this is a tease for something after May 27’s premium live event, then it probably means Rollins is going to win the WHC. That’s because Kross is a SmackDown talent. So if the winner of the new belt sticks to Raw as we’ve been led to believe they will, beefing with Scarlett’s man after next week means Styles isn’t the champ.

But that’s just some supposition based on a spoiler rumor. We’ll see how it all plays out tonight, and in the weeks to come.

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