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WWE accidentally advertised Roman Reigns for a house show, likely disappointing hundreds


WWE fans in the Fayetteville, North Carolina got some unexpected news recently when Crown Coliseum advertised that Roman Reigns would be working a May 20 house show at the venue.

The Undisputed WWE Universal champion’s part-time schedule is well documented, and doesn’t typically include working non-televised shows outside of major markets. But print and radio ads for the Fayetteville live event were promoting this weekend as Reigns’ first time wrestling there in more than four years.

Until Wednesday that is, when WWE sent this statement to Fightful and other outlets:

Incorrect promotional material was released that advertised Roman Reigns in Fayetteville this Saturday, May 20.

Roman Reigns will not be Fayetteville.

Refunds will be available at point of purchase until 7:30 ET the day of the event.

Which... okay, accidents happen I guess. But having to go to the arena the night of the show to get your money back is annoying. And this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter tells us there could be hundreds of folks who could be in that situation after finding out they won’t be able to acknowledge their Tribal Chief in-person this week:

Apparently the promotional team got an old set of Reigns dates before they were changed. They had 3,816 tickets out when the announcement was made and 4,521 when they announced he was not on the show, so that’s great movement for a few days for a house show.

Since those fans will have to drive to Crown Coliseum anyway, they might as well take in the Roman-free show. We’re sure Cody Rhodes will make it worth their while.

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