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WWE may have started teasing a new Judgement Day member on Raw

Ever since his name was called in the 2023 WWE Draft, there have been rumors about JD McDonagh joining The Judgement Day. Some of those came yesterday (May 15), as script leaks for Raw mentioned that a McDonagh/Judgement Day tease would air on last night’s episode.

Sure enough, after Cathy Kelley interviewed the 33 year old Irishman about his eventful few minutes in the Battle Royal to determine Intercontinental champion Gunther’s next opponent, we got it. If you watch to the very end, you’ll catch a glimpse of Finn Bálor watching over his countryman from a slightly elevated distance:

Don’t have 20ish seconds to spare? Here’s a GIF of Finn’s appearance in the YouTube version of that clip:

Attaching the 33 year old former NXT Cruiserweight champion to the group makes sense, as being a part of a popular group is a quick way to help him connect with the audience after his call-up. Having Finn scout/recruit him makes even more sense given their real-life connection — Bálor trained McDonagh as a teen back in the aughts.

WWE’s already used that history in NXT UK. They even had a match at 2019’s TakeOver: Blackpool., back when McDonagh was still working under his real name, Jordan Devlin.

Based on the first seed planted, it looks like Triple H & team will take their time linking McDonagh & The Judgement Day. That gives you plenty of time to weigh in on the move, so get down in those comments and start opining.

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