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It looks like Seth Rollins has joined the MCU

And specifically, ‘Captain America: New World Order’s Serpent Society.

Seth Rollins appeared on Raw last night (May 15), but only in a pre-taped interview segment. There’s only two weeks for WWE to build to his World Heavyweight championship match with AJ Styles at Night of Champions, so as a famous wrestling superhero used to ask... wassup with that?

Seems Hurricane has company when it comes to wrestlers with comic book ties, as it also seems Rollins’ recent acting work isn’t just limited to helping out his beloved Chicago Bears. Based on pictures and video from Atlanta locations where the upcoming Marvel movie Captain America: New World Order is filming, Seth’s joined the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe).

New World Order (which we really, really want to abbreviate and stylize you Know how) is the fourth Captain America movie, and the first with Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson wielding the shield. The plot is a closely guarded secret, but there have been reports classic Cap villains the Serpent Society would be involved. The guess is that’s Rollins is portraying a member of the snake-themed super-criminal cabal... or possibly leading it if writers Malcolm Spellman & Dalan Musson and director Julius Onah are using the Sidewinder-led version of the group.

The brief video clip looks like Seth and his female associate (an MCU-ified Viper? Diamondback? Princess Python? Anaconda? Black Mamba? How nerdy do I sound right now?) are filming of a scene where some McGuffin or another will be added in post-production, which could mean he’ll be doing more in the film than MMA legend Georges St. Pierre got to do as Batroc in Captain America: Winter Soldier. But that’s all just speculation.

What’s less speculative is that it seems that after years of rumors about his wife joining (and possibly even filming an unused scene for) the MCU, Rollins will be beating her to it. All that evil cackling practice paid off!

Captain America: New World Order is currently set to release on May 3, 2024.

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