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Xavier Woods is back with another impassioned promo

When Kofi Kingston suffered an injury, and with Big E already out injured, Xavier Woods understood he needed to do something more to stand out as a singles wrestler, at least for the time being. So he took to Twitter and started cutting promos, first on LA Knight and then on GUNTHER.

Now he’s back and going after The Judgment Day:

“This past Monday night on Raw I had a match against Dominik Mysterio. And as I had him laid out flat on the mat and I was flying through the air with my elbow ready to go directly through his chest Rhea Ripley decided to yank him out of the ring, causing me to crash and burn. Even after that, Dominik still realized that he had to pull the tights to beat Xavier Woods.

“But that means that now Dominik Mysterio and I have a problem; that means that Rhea Ripley and I have a problem. And I am not a dumb man. I realize that once I begin to handle those problems is the exact moment when Damian Priest then becomes a problem; it’s the exact moment when Finn Balor becomes a problem. So it looks like Xavier Woods now has a problem with the most aggressive and violent group of people in all of WWE, The Judgment Day.

“But, unfortunately for them, for my entire career people have been putting problems in front of me, and I have never once gone over them; I have never once gone around them; I have never once gone underneath them; each and every time I have gone straight through them. So, Judgment Day, understand one thing: When this is all said and done each and every single one of you will be lying unconscious at my feet and in that exact moment you will realize it does matter what you say about me; it does not matter what you think about me; it doesn’t even matter what you do to me because eventually Xavier Woods wins.”

Not his best work, but still pretty damn good.

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