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RETRIBUTION alums have jokes after NXT’s mystery attacker gets a hype video

WWE NXT, long home to the most dangerous parking lot in pro wrestling, has experienced a rash of “mystery attacks” over the past several months. Those have been used to write off injured women’s wrestlers like Nikkita Lyons, Wendy Choo, and Sol Ruca. They’ve also been posted, along with other behind-the-scenes footage, on a Twitter account called NXT Anonymous.

Those videos usually make their way onto the developmental brand’s Tuesday night show, and on the May 9 edition of NXT, they were all tied together in one ominous video package:

We’ll see where that goes on screen. On social media, it prompted a lot of jokes about 2020’s aborted “SmackDown hacker” storyline and the short-lived, often-mocked RETRIBUTION stable the hacker angle was eventually tied to on Raw.

Hacker-turned-RETRIBUTION leader Mustafa Ali was one of the people making those jokes. He maintained his current overly positive gimmick while doing so, too.

That got a response from Dijak, who spent a long time working under his RETRIBUTION name T-BAR. The big man isn’t interested in revisiting that part of his past:

Ali doesn’t defend his old group’s goals (whatever those were) or their tactics. But he does defend the RETRIBUTION uniform...

It’s an argument that worked for his old teammate MACE, but that makes sense since he’s now a Maximum Male Model who goes by ma.çé:

We’ll see where NXT’s current angle goes. No matter how it turns out, it’s hard to imagine whoever’s behind it will still be having as much fun with it years later like Ali, Dijak & ma.çé are, though.

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