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Gunther & Jinny got married, and showed off some serious dance moves

WWE Intercontinental champion Gunther and retired NXT UK star Jinny have been an item for a while. So long, in fact, that signs pointed to the pair having already tied the knot. Gunther has referred to her as his wife in interviews, and Jinny added his shoot surname Hahn to her social media accounts last year.

Whether they were already legally married or not, with WWE on a tour of the United Kingdom & Europe they took the opportunity to throw a party to celebrate their union this weekend in London.

Der Ring General posted a pic with the lads, and this one with his bride:

Which is awesome, but it’s in Instagram Stories where the real fun happens. NXT’s Tiffany Stratton (who’s dating Gunther’s Imperium right-hand man Lugwig Kaiser) posted the newlyweds doing a waltz:

But it’s this one of the big man doing the Punjab folk dance known as bhangra that is blowing people’s minds today:

The dance floor is sacred.

While you’re wondering if there’s anything Gunther can’t do, join us in sending him & Jinny our heartfelt congratulations and warmest wishes for a wonderful life together. If they can keep having as much fun as they seem to have had at their wedding, we like their chances.

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