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Sabu ‘doing better’ after ‘serious medical emergency’ (UPDATED)

Sabu (WWE)

Former ECW World champion Sabu was scheduled to appear at the Squared Circle Expo in Indianapolis this weekend. Unfortunately, he’s reportedly in the hospital after “having a serious medical emergency while on the show floor.”

That per a statement on Facebook from Squared Circle Expo:

ATTN: Due to having a serious medical emergency while on the show floor, Sabu will not be appearing for the remainder of the Expo. He is currently in route to a local medical facility.

All pro photo op for the ECW pillars pro op and Sabu/RVD pro op will be refunded CASH IN HAND at the pro photo op at their scheduled times.

Our thoughts are with Sabu and all of his ECW colleagues at this time as we await for some hopefully positive news on his status.

Thank you for understanding

No further information is available at this time.

Sabu’s real name is Terry Brunk. Known for integrating high flying into a hardcore wrestling style, the 57 year old is best known for his run with ECW and is synonymous with that promotion’s late 1990s heyday. Though still active on the convention circuit, he hasn’t wrestled since July 2021.

Join us in keeping a good thought for Sabu, and we’ll update with more information as we have it.

UPDATE: Still not much clarity on what happened, but more importantly we got this from Sabu’s official Twitter...

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