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Russell Crowe had high praise for the Hell in a Cell match he introduced at WrestleMania

WWE’s Twitter

WrestleMania 39 was a lot of things. One of those things was a product placement/advertising integration extravaganza.

Some of those things were just weird but pretty easy to dismiss, like tying Cinnamon Toast Crunch lucha libre-themed emojis to the deeply personal feud between the Mysterios. Others were so omnipresent they made the most chill fans say, “Oh come on!” (looking at you, Turbo Tax).

Linking in the new movie The Pope’s Exorcist to Edge & Finn Bálor’s Hell in a Cell match? There’s at least a logical connection. Beyond just the name of the match, Bálor’s make-up alter ego is called “The Demon”. Plus they got the movie’s star, Russell Crowe, to do a custom introduction before Edge’s entrance. As Carlito would say, “That’s cool.”*

Cool, but it’s easy to imagine the Academy Award-winner just filming that during a day of other promotional work and moving on with this life. But it seems he took the time to watch the match, and liked it quite a lot!

Edge, who dabbles in Crowe’s line of work himself, was flattered. The Hall of Famer responded with praise for the actor’s contribution:

Finn only retweeted Crowe, but we’ll allow it. He did lose a lot of blood on Sunday night.

* Having the movie’s logo all over the ‘Mania presser backdrop was a bit much. And fans in attendance apparently got pretty sick of the promotion of the flick in SoFi Stadium over the weekend, booing it like they did the Turbo Tax ads that kept taking over giant LED screens in the building. But I stand by the Maximus promo being dope, regardless.

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