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Ryback is ready to return to wrestling

Feed Ryback more. The Big Guy is hungry for a return to the wrestling ring.

While at WrestleCon, Ryback spoke with Jorge Cervera of Lucha Libre Online. The former WWE intercontinental champion is finally 100% healthy. Once Ryback gets his trademark back in the next month or two, then he will be putting the pedal to the metal. Ryback declared that it is inevitable to see him back in the professional wrestling industry.

Ryback’s last match in WWE was in May of 2016. He was officially released in August of that same year. Since then, the Big Guy has been laying low outside of wrestling by recovering from back and shoulder injuries, caring for his dog’s disc disease health, and building his Feed Me More supplement company.

Never say never in wrestling, but Ryback returning to WWE would be extremely unlikely. He is currently battling WWE in court over the Ryback trademark. AEW would be a cushy landing spot. Ryback could thrive on fresh meat in the lighter work schedule. With CM Punk still likely on the outs at AEW, that wouldn’t be a barrier for entry. Impact is another televised promotion worthy of interest. They could use the Big Guy’s star power. A sleeper option could be MLW with their deal on REELZ. Imagine Ryback competing against Alexander Hammerstone for the muscleman fighting championship of the universe.

Where would you like to see Ryback make his return to pro wrestling?

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