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The Bron Breakker heel run is here

The main event of the Stand & Deliver fallout edition of NXT was a celebration... excuse me, a Melo-bration for the man who won the top title at last Saturday’s premium live event.

Trick Williams hyped up his guy, and new NXT champion Carmelo Hayes soaked it in as the officially marked the start of the HIM Era.

Then Hayes called out the man he defeated WrestleMania weekend, Bron Breakker. He wanted to thank Breakker for being a great rival, and for respectfully presenting him with the belt after the match. Bron said that was what the legacy of the title deserves, name-checking Tommaso Ciampa as the guy who taught him that.

When Breakker went to leave, the champ called him back for one more embrace... and if your heel turn sense wasn’t already tingling by then, you probably haven’t watched as much wrestling as I have.

A lot of people thought Bron might show up on Raw last night. When he didn’t, something like this started to make more sense. NXT is still developmental, so why not let the 25 year old gets some reps in playing a different version of his character, and operating without the belt?

It also flips the dynamic between him and Melo a bit, which is welcome if they’re running it back right away.

Let us know what you think of this turn, and check out our live blog for anything you missed from tonight’s NXT.

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