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A very good video of NXT stars reacting to being drafted

There’s just so much to love about this video of NXT wrestlers gathered together to watch the WWE Draft, and seeing who gets selected for a call up to the main roster:

This video is only for the wrestlers who were drafted on the “SmackDown LowDown” episode on Peacock yesterday morning.

First, everyone is happy for Apollo Crews, who jumps for joy learning he’s heading back to the main roster on Monday Night Raw. He’s still embracing others when Zoey Stark pops up because she, too, has been drafted to the red brand. Crews instantly abandons the hug he was getting to shoot up to hug Stark.

Finally, as Stark is wiping a tear from her eye, everyone completely loses their minds once again because JD McDonagh is also selected to Raw. He’s clearly very emotional about it, as he remains sitting with his head down, taking the moment in as he’s mobbed by the group. That includes Crews and Stark, who are sure to give him a hug in celebration.

It’s all just so damn wholesome.

More of this on Monday night, please.

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