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The cut Finn Bálor got in his WrestleMania Hell in a Cell match is downright demonic

WWE paused WrestleMania 39’s Hell in a Cell match last night (April 2) when Finn Bálor was busted open by a ladder Edge threw at him.

WWE’s been handling inadvertent cuts like this for a while, which is both a responsible thing to do for the health & safety of those in the ring, and a smart way to for keep partners & sponsors invested in their programming’s PG rating happy. But it’s not how pro wrestling’s historically handled the sight of blood, and it does limit and even impede in-match storytelling.

That certainly seemed to be the case last night. How could they stop an anything-goes battle between two men, one of whom we’re supposed to think might be possessed by a demon, set in an environment we’ve repeatedly been told encourages brutality? Fans in SoFi Stadium and watching at home (including yours truly) rolled their eyes and expressed their dissatisfaction.

But after seeing the picture Bálor tweeted of his wound, I get it. And you probably will too, if you decide to look at it.

It’s really gruesome. Some might even say demonic.

Last warning.

There’s a GRAPHIC IMAGE in this tweet.

Here it is.

Okay, we’ll allow the stoppage.

Especially considering reports they used the timeout to numb Bálor’s skin and staple that huge gash closed, it’s impressive we even got a restart.

You have to imagine that caused them to change up some of their plans for the remainder of the match. Did it alter the finish or outcome?

We’ll have to wait for additional reports on that. In the meantime, heal up Finn.

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