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WWE’s reportedly been planning to introduce a new World title for a long time

Triple H came out on Raw this past Monday for a HUGE announcement — the introduction of a new World Heavyweight championship that will live on whichever brand Roman Reigns and his Undisputed WWE Universal titles don’t.

It drew strong reactions from fans. Many agreed with Haitch’s alleged reason for creating the new belt, but didn’t love the timing of the news, or the impact it could have on stories already in progress.

But the title is something we’d been hearing whispers about for a long time. And the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter claims WWE’s been planning to do something like it ever since they unified the WWE and Universal championships at WrestleMania 38:

The idea of bringing back the second title dates back literally to when the titles were unified at the April 3, 2022, WrestleMania show in Dallas when Roman Reigns beat Brock Lesnar. We had been told before the match that the company felt it needed two titles, but also based on the Mania stipulation, it had to wait a certain length of time before creating the second one.

Given 12 months, you’d think WWE could come up with a plan that didn’t involve Trips leveling the same “part timer” criticisms at Reigns that Roman used against Lesnar, or left the audience with concerns about the new title being a consolation prize, or risk whatever progress they’ve made over the past year in elevating the Intercontinental & United States titles.

But it is a good looking belt.

Do you buy the report the company’s been planning this for at least a year? Does that change your take on the World Heavyweight championship’s rollout so far?

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