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Madcap Moss gets another WWE name change

I didn’t expect to write multiple posts today that essentially just point out small changes to WWE’s roster page, but here we are.

Madcap Moss has always been a goofy wrestling name with a ceiling attached to it. It’s the sort of ring name that will never rise above mid-card status. That’s okay when the character is a comedic lackey for heel Baron Corbin, which is what Madcap was from late 2021 into early 2022.

However, WWE broke up Corbin and Moss shortly after WrestleMania 38 and tried to turn Madcap into a babyface. That’s when the name became a significant anchor to his progress in WWE. Here we are roughly one year later, and Moss is turning back heel after being a low card jobber babyface for much of the last year.

That’s why it’s worth noting that “Madcap” has been officially removed from WWE’s roster page today and replaced with his old name, Riddick.

Moss has been referred to as “Riddick” multiple times on WWE television of late, so this move didn’t come out of nowhere. Maybe now he can get something of a fresh start when the name Riddick Moss is called out in tomorrow night’s WWE Draft.

Is this the start of a push up the card for Moss? Give us your thoughts in the comments below, Cagesiders.

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