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Edge offers an update on his (re)retirement timeline

Edge wasn’t in Toronto this week, but he did get a taste of his hometown when he took in a hockey game with an old friend on Monday night (April 24) in Tampa...

The duo that reeks of awesomeness watched their beloved Maple Leafs comeback from a three goal deficit to win in overtime and take a 3-1 lead over the Tampa Bay Lightning in their first round playoff series. Seems like a great night, one that only would have been better if it had been in Toronto.rivaled Edge’s most recent match in his hometown — a main event win over Damian Priest on Raw last August,

When last Edge was in Toronto (at least for WWE), he had a great night, beating Damian Priest in the main event of Raw last August. It was then that he teased retiring (again) in August of 2023, and got people thinking about when the WWE Hall of Famer might hang up his boots for good.

Earlier this year, after teaming with his wife Beth Phoenix at Elimination Chamber in Montreal, the 49 year old revised his answer a bit. At the post-PLE press conference, Edge said he still wanted to retire in Canada, but was having too much fun to put an end date on his comeback run.

Speaking to fellow WWE Superstar Logan Paul on the most recent episode of Impaulsive, without the post-match adrenaline flowing, Edge shared that he knows he’s getting closer to calling it a career:

“I don’t want to stick around to the point where it’s like, ‘Oh, there he is.’

“Now when I come out, I feel the explosion, and I feel like all of that to throw at them and that’s still there. I don’t know if that for me would ever go away. But I feel like in this last run like the Rocky Balboa movie which I watched two nights before my comeback, and I was in tears. Because Stallone’s monologues in it were all things that were going through my mind. I realized I gotta get this out of the basement, cause I didn’t have the chance to end it the way I wanted to. This time I’m gonna get to do that.

“And now I got two little girls that I got to spend the rest of my life taking care of. So, I got a little wish list of things that are still to do, but it’s not long, and neither is the time. I think at most, I might have another year in to do it at this level, and still be able to do it at an elite level where I can still hang when I gotta get in with Austin Theory who’s 25, and he wasn’t born when I had my first match for WWE.”

When Paul’s co-host Mike Majlak said Edge doesn’t want to go out like Mikey Rourke’s Randy The Ram character from The Wrestler, the Rated R Superstar responded:

“No. I want to be sitting on my mountain and watching you guys do your thing and just going, ‘Man, good for them.’”

With occasional trips off the mountain to hit the rink with Christian Cage? Sounds like a great plan to us.

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