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Chavo says he was just heeling when he called out Rey Mysterio for ‘prostituting” Eddie Guerrero’s legacy

Chavo Guerrero got people talking recently with some comments about the various ways Rey Mysterio pays tribute Guerrero’s late Uncle Eddie.

Those came during a virtual signing last week, and picked up steam online over the weekend. On Twitter last night (April 24), Guerrero initially doubled down on them. The fact he said that Rey could show everyone he wasn’t “prostituting” Eddie’s name by donating to charity or Eddie’s daughters shortly after the new LWO came out on Raw to a theme song that starts with “Viva La Raza” was out latest clue that Chavo might be working.

Sure enough, about an hour later we got this...

Since then, Chavo’s mostly been retweeting people praising him for his heel skills. But he’s also hit us with a few pertinent quotes. One famous admirer used one of those to laud his work:

A few fans are wondering if this was prelude to Chavo getting in on WWE’s ongoing angle with Rey and Dominik Mysterio, something he pitched in the signing video that started this whole process. He’s still hinting at the possibility with this quote from a different great American fabulist:

So there you have it, our latest reason to be skeptical of pretty much anything a pro wrestler says.

Now the question is, has Chavo worked his way into a few WWE dates?

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