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WWE names the 30 greatest title changes in history

Oh yes, it’s time for another list. This time, WWE is looking at the 30 greatest title changes in history, and there’s simply no way we’re going to disagree with anything here, right?


30. Roman Reigns def. Triple H
29. Rey Mysterio wins vacant title by pinning The Miz
28. The Undertaker def. Sycho Sid
27. Jinder Mahal upsets Randy Orton
26. The Miz cashes in Money in the Bank on Randy Orton
25. Brock Lesnar beats Kofi Kingston in six seconds
24. John Cena def. The Rock
23. Randy Orton def. Triple H
22. Triple H wins the 2016 Royal Rumble
21. Eddie Guerrero def. Brock Lesnar
20. The Rock wins and joins The Corporation
19. Ultimate Warrior pins Hulk Hogan
18. AJ Styles def. Jinder Mahal
17. Big E cashes in Money in the Bank on Bobby Lashley
16. The Montreal Screwjob
15. John Cena def. JBL
14. Randy Savage wins vacant title by pinning Ted DiBiase
13. Daniel Bryan wins a triple threat at WrestleMania
12. The Rock def. Triple H
11. Brock Lesnar def. The Rock
10. Edge cashes in Money in the Bank on John Cena
9. Ric Flair wins the 1992 Royal Rumble
8. Roman Reigns becomes Undisputed champion
7. Shawn Michaels def. Bret Hart
6. John Cena def. AJ Styles
5. Hulk Hogan def. Iron Sheik
4. Stone Cold Steve Austin def. Shawn Michaels
3. Seth Rollins cashes in Money in the Bank at WrestleMania
2. Kofi Kingston def. Daniel Bryan
1. Mankind def. The Rock

The fact that Lesnar’s win over Kingston is on this list at all makes it awful, especially considering they put Kofi’s win at number two.

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