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LA Knight is ‘looking to become the WWE Universal champion sooner than later’ (YEAH!)

He can go by Eli Drake, LA Knight, or Max Dupri (okay, maybe not that last one), and fans can’t help but be wow-ed by his gift of gab.

Knight’s been a breakout star for WWE over the past six months or so, using a high profile feud with Bray Wyatt to create even more audience members who can’t wait for LA to talk to ‘em. It doesn’t seem like the brass have quite figured out to do with the wave of popularity the 40 year old Superstar is riding, as they inexplicably didn’t use him on either night of WrestleMania 39, much to the disappointment of the tens of thousands in SoFi Stadium.

But Knight’s not letting that stop him, and WWE does seem to know they have something on their hands or they wouldn’t be sending him to do media spots for house shows like the one they’re putting on Sun., April 30 in Bossier City, Louisiana.

Anchors Jezzamine Wolk & Fernanda Hernandez both seem to LA fans, and mention that they & others at Shreveport/Texarkana’s KTAL NBC 6 want to see him win the Undisputed WWE Universal championship. It’s a goal of Knight’s, and he doesn’t plan on waiting to realize it:

“Not only are they [the KTAL newsroom] looking for me to become World champ sometime soon, but I’m looking to become the WWE Universal champion sooner than later.”

Channel 6 also aired a question submitted by a young fan named Bennett who asked Knight about dream matches. His answer revealed that LA is open to winning all kinds of WWE singles gold:

“Dream matches, you think about people from the past who aren’t doing it anymore. There are a couple of those. Everyone is talking about it again, the Undisputed WWE Universal champion, that makes me look at Roman Reigns. Even Gunther, with the Intercontinental championship, Austin Theory for the United States championship. Any one of those guys, who I could take a piece of gold off of, that would be my dream match.”

You can watch all of Knight’s appearance on KTAL in the video embedded above, or on their site here.

And let us know when you think WWE will stop being dummies and get behind a push for LA. (YEAH!)

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