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A truly epic Braun Strowman sequence from SmackDown

Braun Strowman & Ricochet have been regaining momentum on SmackDown in the weeks since they were one of the losing tag teams in the “Men’s Showcase” match at WrestleMania 39. After picking up a win over Viking Raiders on the blue brand last night (April 21), Ric positioned the duo as contenders for the WWE Tag belts.

Just want to point out that they’re doing well overall before we have a laugh at their, and specifically our old pal Braun’s expense. Because before the Strowman Express left the station en route to their Andre The Giant/Jimmy Snuka-inspired finisher, we got this amazing sequence...

The initial and main botch here could be on either Strowman for not throwing his partner far enough or Ivar for being too far away, but the result is the same either way... Braun hip tosses Ricochet to the mat instead of using him as a weapon against their opponent.

You know it’s good when Michael Cole exclaims, “Oh, goodness!” before Wade Barrett chimes in with, “The hell are you doing, Braun?”

Props to both for not just doing the thing where Ivar sells the spot as if it had gone to plan. He remains on his feet, and Strowman hits him with a punch to get him down.

Finally, the sequence ends with Braun exiting through the ropes, bumping his head on the turnbuckle, and falling to the apron flat on his back. We’re assuming he’s okay given how the rest of the match played out. If not, we apologize for laughing.

It’s all part of the fun of live performance. Stuff happens, your brush it off, and move on. And deal with smart asses like me yukking it up a bit.

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