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Seth Rollins’ perfect reaction to his out of nowhere Backlash match with Omos

We’ve seen lots of RKOs out of nowhere*, but we weren’t prepared for a PPV PLE match out of nowhere like the one WWE hit us with last night (April 21).

Seth Rollins will face Omos at Backlash on May 6. Because... well, we hope there are reasons. But so far we can only guess.

The most prominent ones are of the rumor-driven variety. Things like, “Vince McMahon may not be calling all the creative shots, but he’s definitely booking Omos.” Or “Guess WWE didn’t like whatever went down with Seth on the Raw After WrestleMania.”

Soon, we’ll undoubtedly have new rumors about this decision. Those may or may not validate someone’s current theory. Until then, here’s Rollins’ reaction. It makes it seem he probably found out he’d be wrestling Omos in San Juan, Puerto Rico at the same time we did. It’s also pretty perfect for The Visionary’s character, and the situation as a whole:

A lot of things from that 1994 Jim Carrey blockbuster have aged badly, but Ace Ventura’s catchphrase ain’t one of them... and stuff like being booked in a match to face the giant-in-training (no offense, Omosapians) with zero backstory on two weeks notice calls for it like nature called for the Pet Detective.

We’ll see how/if WWE explains this on Raw, and what Rollins & Omos can cook up for the first Saturday in May. Until then, we’re with Seth.

* Hope you’re feeling better, Randy!

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