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In appreciation of Xavier Woods

Big E is a triple crown champion. Kofi Kingston is a grand slam champion. Xavier Woods, meanwhile, who has been wrestling on the main roster dating all the way back to Nov. 18, 2013, still has yet to win even one singles title in his career with WWE.

He challenged GUNTHER for the Intercontinental championship on Friday Night SmackDown this week and he still hasn’t won a singles title in his career with WWE.

Having said that, I wanted to use this space to show some appreciation for Woods, who, yes, has done a full decade of strong work for the company but also has stepped it up ever since his tag partner, Kingston, went out with an injury (while Big E is still out with his). He’s cut multiple impassioned promos, even if we only saw them on his social media, and did everything he could to build to a couple of matches that were far better than likely anyone expected them to be.

He showed a great deal of range we haven’t gotten much of a chance to see from him, considering The New Day is largely a comedy act meant to go out and have fun while having good matches. Woods has now proven that he is every bit the singles performer as his stablemates and just as worthy of winning some kind of singles title.


“This was my shot. I haven’t had a shot at the Intercontinental championship since I’ve been here. I got here in 2010 — it’s 2023. I had one shot at GUNTHER, I had one shot to become champion, and I failed. I didn’t do it. I have no Kofi here, I have no E here; we’re all about the power of positivity but it’s not always easy. I don’t know what to do next besides move forward. What is moving forward? I have no idea. But shots like this for me, specifically guys like me, come once in a career, apparently. So I don’t know if I’ll ever get a shot at that again. So, yes, GUNTHER won. Yes, GUNTHER is the Intercontinental champion. I am not. So we go to work.”

Don’t you find yourself wanting that guy to win the damn thing?

I do.

Anyway, here are all the videos from SmackDown this week:

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