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WrestleMania 39 results: Roman Reigns retains the WWE Universal championship in epic main event

After two full nights of incredible action at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California, WrestleMania 39 closed tonight (Sun., April 2, 2023) with Roman Reigns putting the WWE Universal championship on the line against Royal Rumble winner Cody Rhodes, who was promising for months that he would “finish the story” and win the title his father never did.

He did not.

After an epic showdown that was paced beautifully and featured multiple run-ins and too many amazing near falls to count, Reigns pinned Rhodes to retain the title he’s held for 945 consecutive days.

They laid it on thick for Rhodes right from his entrance, showing him hugging his young daughter, kissing his wife, and giving his weight belt to the late Jon Huber’s son:

The message seemed clear enough.

Reigns got an understated but still slick piano entrance, and boy did he feel like just the biggest star in the world walking out on that stage. This had the exact feel you want out of a WrestleMania main event.

They did the slow build for it too, letting the tension breathe early in the match, going back-and-forth a bit to give both some shine. When Reigns would slam Cody, Cody would turn around and get the same slam on Reigns. He was up to the challenge.

Then, we got a big bump:

Solo Sikoa interfered a few times, and then one too many times, as he got caught hitting Cody with his own weight belt. The referee heard the smack, and sent Solo to the back to a thunderous ovation.

Once we got to the near falls, they were electric. A Cody Cutter for two. The Cross Rhodes for two. The building was damn near shaking. When he reversed a Superman punch into the damn Pedigree, you could feel the intensity even at home.

Reigns responded with a Superman punch while Cody was going for a Disaster Kick. But that only got two. Not long after, a big Spear that sure as hell felt like the end got two as well.

This absolutely lived up to the hype.

Cody managed to break out of a long guillotine, and maybe that would lead to the finish but no. Instead, Cody went for a kick and Reigns moved — so the referee took the shot. There was no official.

Jimmy and Jey Uso showed up right then, of course. They laid Cody out with a superkick, and then the 1D before grabbing Reigns to revive him.

That’s when Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn showed up to fight them off.

Reigns stood up into a Stunner.

Then he stood up into a Helluva Kick.

The Usos got back in, and the tag teams continued fighting off into the crowd, leaving the headliners in the ring alone.

The referee had recovered.

Rhodes crawled to Reigns.




To their knees they went, heavyweights trading blows, giving the rest they had left in the tank to try to win the match.

Cody avoided a Superman punch with a jab. Then another.

You knew what this was. An homage to his dad.

But then Paul Heyman as on the apron and distracting the referee long enough for Solo Sikoa to hit the scene and hit the Spike on Rhodes.

Reigns finished the job right after.

Where does this story go from here?

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