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Becky Lynch changes up her Twitter, says she ‘won’t be coming to Raw today’ (UPDATED)

We just got her husband “back”, and now we see this...

Which, on its face, seems like a pretty obvious work. Becky Lynch was just betrayed by Trish Stratus last Monday after they lost the WWE Women’s Tag titles. Lynch is either selling the physical and emotional aftereffects of that, or setting the stage for a surprise assault on Stratus when she speaks on her actions during the show tonight (April 17).

But we’ll also call your attention to the new display name (which probably explains why she lost her blue checkmark... just another confusing “feature” of everyone’s favorite hellsite under its new owner), which is just one of the changes The Man’s made to her Twitter. Taking a page from Drew McIntyre’s book, Becky’s blacked out her header image and there are no references to WWE in her bio:

Becky Lynch’s Twitter

There’s no links to WWE in her Instagram bio, either. How long that’s been the case, we’re not sure.

Still feel like it’s more likely Bex will either be disguised in the crowd so she can get the drop on Trish tonight, or using all the recent speculation about unhappy WWE talent as part of a storyline WWE reportedly wants to keep going until SummerSlam in August. But we’ll keep this bookmarked in case it turns into something else.

Join us in our live blog at 8pm ET, and we’ll see if this week’s Raw sheds any light on Lynch’s situation.

UPDATE: Trish had a (very good) reaction, so add another checkmark in the “work” column...

And depending on how much stock you put into Twitter scoopsters (which, so far in their brief run, WRKD seems to be a pretty legitimate one), there’s this...

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