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Sometimes I really miss WCW

It’s that wonderful time of the week when WWE posts a Top 10 video and I eagerly open YouTube to devour whatever list they put together. In this case, it sent me reeling with nostalgia for the oftentimes glorious ridiculousness that was World Championship Wrestling in the late 1990s.

Here’s the video. The number seven entry is what sent me down the rabbit hole:

It’s all so ridiculous.

The way Kevin Nash looks up at The Giant’s hand as he lifts it while screaming in his face; Randy Anderson in the background looking so unbelievably concerned about what’s about to happen; the way Nash holds for a couple seconds despite The Giant dramatically grabbing the ring post; the utter hilarity of this being how they did this; The Giant pushing the ring post over; Scott Hall in the ring dancing around like he’s being thrown about by The Giant just barely moving the ring; Nash choosing to slowly back away while looking back and forth between Hall and The Giant; Tony Schiavone chiming in with his “this has never been done in our sport” line; And, finally, the great Bobby Heenan trying to save it with “if he’s doing this to the ring, what will he do Saturday at Souled Out?!?”

There is context to this that explains it, of course. The story at the time was The Giant couldn’t touch Nash before their match at Souled Out. Still, it’s just the most ridiculous TV.

I really do miss those days.

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