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Xavier Woods cuts another impassioned promo, this one on GUNTHER

The last time Xavier Woods cut an impassioned promo, it was on LA Knight and then he went out and did anything necessary to win their match. Now, he’s back for another, this time on GUNTHER, ahead of their Intercontinental title clash on Friday Night SmackDown next week. It happened on The SmackDown LowDown this week, and it’s cued up in the below video:

“Yes, GUNTHER is the most dominant Intercontinental champion that we’ve had in recent memory. But the issue that GUNTHER has with me is that he thinks I don’t respect this industry because when my music hits I don’t come out stone faced looking bored; because when I engage with the people and have a good time because I’m living my literal dream, all of a sudden I don’t respect this industry? For 19 years I’ve been sacrificing, missing birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, because I don’t respect this industry? That doesn’t make any sense.

“GUNTHER’s issue is that he has yet to face somebody like me. Somebody who since 2010 has been fighting, clawing, and scratching his way for every single opportunity that he’s ever had. Because I’m not one of these guys, Megan, one of these guys who can get a microphone in their hand, go out to the ring, demand a title shot, and randomly get one. I’m not that guy. I’ve created every single opportunity that I’ve ever had. And that’s not gonna stop me, because he doesn’t think I respect the industry.

“I’m the guy who, when you really break it down, I’m the guy who is just as good if not better than some of your favorites while I’ve only given this industry half of my attention. I’ve been a WWE superstar while going to school, gaining degrees. Been a WWE superstar winning tag team championships while building a digital empire from the ground up, Megan. I’ve made every opportunity that I’ve ever had and that’s exactly why, in this match for the Intercontinental championship, GUNTHER will finally understand that I have so much respect for this industry. But when it comes from me, it’s him that I don’t respect.

“So while I’m walking out of the arena with the Intercontinental championship around my shoulder, GUNTHER is going to understand that when you step to Woods, Xavier Woods wins.”

New champion soon?

Either way, Woods is spitting hot fire lately. My word.

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