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Nakamura mentions the WWE title, but not Karrion Kross, in post-return interview

Shinsuke Nakamura had his first WWE match in months on SmackDown last night (April 14).

After making quick work of Madcap Moss (and hopefully prompting a much-needed heel turn/character reboot for Emma’s man), Kayla Braxton caught up with Nakamura for an online-exclusive interview.

After putting over the historic New Year’s Day win he scored over WWE Hall of Famer The Great Muta in Tokyo, Shinsuke said he’d also recharged and rebooted during his time away. Now that he’s back, he wants some “meat”*. Nakamura also told Braxton that his aim remains to win the WWE title.

We’re down for the Roman Reigns/Shinsuke Nakamura match our guy Cain Knight hypothesized in his preview for last night’s show, even if we all know who’d win that one. But what we found most interesting about this interview is who Nak didn’t mention...

As rumored, Karrion Kross & Scarlett used a slick-looking Nakamura tarot card to announce themselves as the Japanese star’s next rivals.

That vignette played on television while Nakamura was celebrating his win over Moss, but it wasn’t clear from the broadcast if he saw that he’s next on the Tick Tock man’s hit list.

So maybe he’s not no selling Kross’ mind games and Karrion is the meat Shin wants to sink his teeth into?

If only there was some kind of clock noise we could use to close out this post that would stand in for writing “we’ll have to wait and see”...

* Gimmick infringement? We’re guessing Big E will allow it.

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